Booking & more

I'm representing AYGYUL doing booking, as a trusted advisor as well as handling press requests. As of late I'm supporting BAIBA, Clap Clapinger, Philiam Shakesbeat and LITHA by doing some booking too. I'm also responsible for booking and artist care for our monthly concerts at Sofar Sounds Vienna.

Dazzling solo Electro Pop from the Alps | Listen to: Lighter

Clap Clapinger
German Pop sweet-and-sour | Listen to: Lass uns in Zitronen beißen

AYGYUL is a Vienna-based and Russian-born ex-opera singer straight outta Floridsdorf who is by now producing electronic music herself combining her distinctive voice with electronic beats, live-looping and beatboxing. The result: a fusion of Pop, Electro and unconventional influences. | Listen to: Air

Three-voice Deep Dive Pop that "drags you down but in a pleasant way" | Listen to: Mercy

Philiam Shakesbeat x Osive
Rap music with a good dose of social criticism
@philiamshakesbeat | Listen to: King of Nothing

The Ukrainian-born and Austrian-raised artist, musician, activist and most recently also book author MASCHA does "random shit" ranging from electronic shenanigans on her laptop to acoustic songs on the piano. Her creative work is complete with her characteristic humour, a mixture of cabaret and music. | Listen to: Wie 1 James Bond Song
(She put this project to an end in 10/2022.)

Sofar Sounds Vienna
Sofar Sounds is a global network organising intimate and secret gigs presenting both newcomers as well as more established acts. Since joining the Sofar Sounds Vienna team in 2016, I've been booking over 140 acts for over 50 Sofar sessions.
Here you can watch some of my favourite recorded performances.

These included acts such as:
Abid Express | Alicia Edelweiss | ALPINE DWELLER | Anja Om Plus | Ankathie Koi | ÄNN | Anna Buchegger | Anna Mabo | ATZUR | AYGYUL | AYMZ | Aze | BAIBA | The Belgian Blue | BERGLIND | Captain Hot Dog Sauce | CHRISTL | Christoh | Clap Clapinger | David Howald | Ebow | filous | Florence Arman | Flora Fauna | folkshilfe | Hikee Bikini | Ines Kolleritsch | Jo Stöckholzer | Karmic | Kerosin Loop Paradies (now Kerosin95) | KOALOA | Krapka;KOMA | LITHA | Lylit | Magdalena Wawra | Marie Spaemann | MASCHA | Matsumoto Zoku | Nadine Millauer (now Nade) | Philiam Shakesbeat | Please Madame | Pološywa | Pure Chlorine | RAHEL | Sakura | Salty Fries | Schmusechor | Sigrid Horn | Simeon Walker | Spitting Ibex | Squalloscope | Sweet Sweet Moon | Tenta | Yasmo & die Klangkantine | Zelda Weber

hosted by Sofar Sounds Vienna
Besides our regular Sofar sessions, I also booked a few "hosted by Sofar Sounds Vienna" events which included collaborations with Waves Vienna at Clash, Gürtel Connection at Loft and Superbude Showcases (formerly Pratertöne) at Superbude Wien.

Phat Jam
Phat Jam is a monthly event series by Adil Baktir that has been around for over 8 years. First there are one to two concerts by talented local artists at both the Wohnzimmer and Main stage and afterwards the Main stage is open for everyone. For seven months until March 2020 I was responsible for booking the acts for their Wohnzimmer stage.