Resources, Recommendations & Discounts
A list of services, people and companies that I can recommend or support.

Links marked with a star "*" are affiliate links. If you click an affiliate link and buy something through this link, I will receive a percentage from the respective provider at no extra cost for you. I will also update this section every now and then.

Web host & domain
My website is also hosted with them and they have a great customer support!

WordPress themes & web templates
Envato Market alias Themeforest*

E-mail client
Free and open-source e-mail client to manage multiple e-mail accounts.
+ super useful add-on Quicktext

Web design
Sebastian Gansrigler
You can let him know that you're coming from me. 🙂

Music for your event/wedding
An amazing artist that I'm representing - feel free to reach out if you wanna book her. 😀

Creative Editor & Video Production
The creative genius: Mascha "no chill" Peleshko 😀

Wedding photography
Daniel Willinger
You can let him know that you're coming from me. 🙂

Mit dem Code M85KRC bekommst du 10 € gutgeschrieben.* (gültig bis 26.09.)

Second hand
I'm also selling some stuff on there.

Software Einnahmen-Ausgaben-Rechnung (für Ö)
EA-Tabelle* wenn vorsteuerabzugsberechtigt
KU-Tabelle* für Kleinunternehmer*innen

Green Rocket* / Lion Rocket* / Home Rocket*

In Aktien, ETFs & Co. investieren? Schreib mir, falls du ein Depot bei der Dadat eröffnen möchtest.

Green Banking
Umweltcenter Gunskirchen
Eine Bank, die mit ihren Einlagen nur soziale/ökologische/nachhaltige Projekte unterstützt.

Digital rights & privacy
noyb as in "none of your business"
European Center for Digital Rights - something worth supporting, which I do too.

Book an accommodation and get up to 40 € off your first stay.